Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Oldtown News
Vancouver, BC


Mr. Gregor Robertson, the NDP MLA for Vancouver-Fairview will not commit since winning the Vision Mayoral nomination to stepping down as MLA while he runs for Mayor of Vancouver.

Mr. Robertson on only his second day since winning the nomination is already exercising questionable conduct.

As MLA, Mr. Robertson receives a generous salary package. He has stated the Legislature will not have a spring/summer sitting and therefore be doesn't foresee any problems in maintaining his position as MLA and campaigning for Mayor of Vancouver.

The problem is this. By Mr. Robertson not stepping down as MLA, the taxpayers are essentially subsidizing his Mayoral run and this is wrong. It's actually improper.

As MLA Mr. Robertson collects a provincial paycheck and not carrying out that job attached to the paycheck is one thing but using that paycheck while doing another job (running for Mayor) seems fraudulent to me. Moreover, it certainly raises issues of ethics.

Mr. Robertson owes it to Vancouver citizens to clear this matter up. It is quite simple. He can refuse to accept his provincial paycheck and request that Vision pay him a salary while campaigning.

It seems Mr. Robertson's lack of experience is already placing him in a compromising position. This is exactly what turns people off from the political process and further erodes public trust. Citizens of course, once more are left paying the cost.

Jamie Lee Hamilton