Friday, August 01, 2008


Oldtown News
Vancouver, BC


From Queen of the Parks Campaign

The Queen of the Parks BC Day High Tea and picnic happens on Monday, August 4 and we hope you can attend.

Function to be held on the roof-deck of 133 West Pender Street. Ring (778) 235-3677 for entry.

Wear your favourite high tea outfit. Event happens rain or shine. Covered areas in place and indoor lounge.

Please bring your checkbook and take out a membership for $20.00 as Jamie Lee needs your support to secure an NPA nomination.

2pm - 6pm

Q of P Campaign Team


Oldtown News
Vancouver, BC


Had a great time yesterday emceeing the Aging with Pride event at the 411 Seniors Centre. The chairperson of the LGBT committee of the centre, Roger Lee was wearing so much bling that I commented I'd love to get into his grandmother's treasure chest. Mr Lee and his co-chair Elaine presented numerous door prizes to the crowd and the work which was put into the afternoon's festivities is a testament to 411 staff, Suzana and Bonnie.

Being in a room with such quality people who are deeply compassionate, knowledgeable and who have a wealth of history made for a truly remarkable day. These seniors really know how to live it up and one of them asked if I could be more racier on the microphone. Imagine that!

The afternoon's festivities began with a complimentary lunch and the musical duo, Amicus, featuring Howard Meadows and Craig Addy performing. Truly a beautiful sounding and talented duo.

Paul Talbot was the featured speaker who provided a funny inspirational talk. Mr Talbot even handed out goodies including loads of skin creme. This man besides being flawlessly witty is an inspiration.

The Bob Loblaw Queer comedy troupe featuring Benjamin Garner, Michele Tolosa and Kevin Smith tore up the room with their talent. They were hilarious, racy and fabulously entertaining.

Raigen D Angelo, who is the Chair of the Trans Alliance Society gave a short talk on transgender rights and urged the seniors to sign her petition which is calling for gender identity to be a protected clause in the BC Human rights code. It was amazing watching the full room of seniors rushing to sign the petition.

Co-Chair of the Vancouver Pride Society, Laura McDiarmid attended the event and many of the seniors expressed their pleasure about this.

Later in the evening, I attended the Pride movie night at the Vancity Theatre and was honoured with introducing the 1984 documentary, Hookers on Davie. Watching the film brought back many happy memories, however many of the documentary subjects are now deceased and the film also brought a few tears. I wish to thank Pride President, John Boychuk who worked with me to ensure this film was shown. Thanks John.

Former Park board Commissioner, Christopher Richardson, who is seeking re-election in this years park board race attended the movie night and I wish to personally thank him. His attendance is important because as a straight man, it demonstrates the influence our community has. Taking four hours out of your day which Chris did and which is no easy feat when you have a family at home--demonstrates the respect Mr Richardson has for our community. Thanks Chris!

The long awaited Pride Parade starts at noon on Sunday, August 3. See you there.

Jamie Lee Hamilton