Tuesday, July 08, 2008



July 7, 2008

Trans Alliance Society Launches
Human Rights Petition Campaign

VANCOUVER – Today Trans Alliance Society Chair Raigen D’Angelo announced the launch of a Human Rights Petition Campaign to amend the British Columbia Human Rights Code to specify gender identity and gender expression as prohibited grounds for discrimination. “This is an important step for us to bring focus to the discrimination that happens daily to transsexual, transgender and gender variant people throughout BC. Members of our community have no legal recourse in matters related to their gender identity or expression,” D’Angelo explained.

Volunteers will be asking people to sign the petition throughout the Pride Festivals and at other community events into the fall. Supporters and allies can also download the petition from the Trans Alliance Society website. The petition will be introduced into the Legislature at the next sitting of the House.

The campaign is the latest chapter in a 20 year long battle by numerous trans community organizations to have their voices heard in BC. Past efforts have been spearheaded by High Risk Project Society, Zenith Foundation, The Cornbury Society, BC FTM Network, and F.A.T.E, among others.

The Trans Alliance Society is a British Columbia wide non-profit organization committed to removing all forms of barriers that negatively impact the transgender community.