Friday, April 15, 2005


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Hi All

The long awaited COPE annual general meeting occurs this Sunday April 17, 2005 at the Maritime labour centre.

As a result of the conflict occurring with-in COPE and the break-a-way Friends of Larry Campbell group, the COPE executive in a pre-emptive strike has decided to honour all former elected COPE councillors, school trustees and park commissioners. This move is to shore up support for their party.

This is a brilliant strategic move on the part of COPE, after all who doesn't like to be recognized for their accomplishments. By paying tribute to a huge cast, this will ensure a larger than normal turn-out, which shows, COPE still as a viable political force in Vancouver municipal politics.

While COPE may project their annual meeting as a love-in, what remains for the COPE rank and file, is a party which remains in crises due to the reckless and treacherous behaviour of a few COPE elected officials, led by Mayor Larry Campbell.

Will Mr. Campbell and Mr. Green attend this AGM? The answer is probably not.

Insiders confirm that there will be resolutions on the floor at the AGM to expel Councillors Jim Green, Raymond Louie,Tim Stevenson and Mayor Campbell from COPE membership. The executive is fearful of this possibility, however, it would be political suicide for COPE, if the executive didn't follow the wishes of the membership.

The media have been barred from attending the AGM. This was a decision made at the executive level of COPE, obviously to minimize the fall-out, which is certain to occur from what will surely be a passionate and highly charged meeting.

Stay tuned folks!

Jamie Lee Hamilton