Thursday, October 02, 2014

Park Board Race is Dullsville

October 2, 2014 With the municipal election six weeks away so far the Park Board race is kinda dullsville. NPA candidates are tweeting out photos of themselves attending picnics and such. They are not saying anything about park board issues. And over at Vision the only interesting part of their campaign so far was the dumping of Trish Kelly and the famous quote by Brent Granby one of their newest park board candidates who posted on his blog that party members of Vision choose their candidates. That would be fine if true but it isn't. Mr Granby and Ms Catherine Evans after being rejected by party members at the Vision nomination conference in the last few weeks were Appointed by the Vision backroom to run. I know COPE's Anita Romaniuk, Green Party Stuart MacKinnon and myself are focused on and talking about park board issues. Voters are requesting the need for a Park Board referendum on the Vncouver Aquarium issue of Whale and Dolphin captivity. Where do the NPA and Vision candidates stand on this issue? I know where I stand! Jamie Lee Hamilton