Friday, October 17, 2014

The Robertson's Marital Woes

October 17, 2014 As a candidate for the Board of Parks and Recreation in the November 15 municipal election I feel that I'm being dragged into Mayor Gregor Robertson's marital woes. When I'm out campaigning this matter is being raised and consequently I must respond. I understand the public's concern and I'm very angry with Mayor Robertson and his wife Amy for dragging the public into their sordid mess. The marital woes of the Robertson's sadly has become the central issue of the campaign. The reasons for this is because the Robertson's are drawing the public into their dysfunctional marriage even though their marriage matters don't concern us. Mayor Gregor Robertson and his wife Amy for some reason only known to them announced publicly last spring that they had separated and were living apart. Why they even announced this to the public is bizarre. Now the Mayor's wife has drawn the public once again into their marital problems. This time through filing an affidavit announcing that she still considers their home to be ex hubby Gregor's home. This was in response to the Mayor filing his nomination forms listing their once shared home as his primary residence. Ms Robertson went on to say her separated husband has a key, eats meals with the family and left some personal belongings in the home. The public could care less about these trivial matters.. Again we don't care where the Mayor is sleeping or who he is sleeping with. It is none of our business. But what is a major concern for the public goes to issues that we deem issues of societal importance. Citizens around the world embrace and cherish shared universal values around loyalty, trust and respect. By the Robertson's drawing us into their tangled web suffice to say we are not amused. If the Robertson's want to continue with their dysfunctional ways that is their business but stop drawing the citizens into your mess. It is obvious that the Robertson's have lost their moral compass but that doesn't give them the right to draw us into their dysfunction. Stop it already Mr and Mrs Robertson. Jamie Lee Hamilton