Friday, November 30, 2007


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Vancouver, BC

Vision Not Far Behind

With the announcement today by British Columbia Finance Minister, Carole Taylor, that she will not seek a second-term with the BC Liberals, speculation that Ms Taylor may enter the City of Vancouver Mayoral race is creating a huge ripple in Vancouver. Moreover, Ms Taylor at her press conference this morning, didn't quell the rumors that she is considering running for Mayor.

The Taylor announcement today has initiated what will be quite possibly the demise of the ruling NPA party and most likely, Vision as well.

If this grand lady of politics decides to become our first female Mayor, this will forever change the Vancouver political landscape .

In Vancouver's long history, we have never elected a female Mayor and this remains a historical blight.

Carole Taylor still has a role to play in politics and many citizens are looking to her, to finally kick down the door to ensure other capable woman may one day aspire to be Mayor of Vancouver. Ms Taylor, in fact, is duty bound to breaking down this barrier for the benefit of other women.

If anyone can do it, wide opinion on the left, centre and right of the political spectrum, is that Ms Taylor is the one most capable of overcoming this daunting feat.

Carole Taylor is the perfect candidate
. Beautiful, charming, elegant, political savvy and smart, Ms Taylor isn't one to play partisan politics or games.

Minister Taylor would most likely run as an Independent, since we already have an incumbent Mayor who remains backed by the NPA.

Suffice to say, Ms Taylor can take on all comers and everyone I talk to is of the belief she can knock off any potential Mayoral candidate even if they are backed by an electoral organization. That also includes, Mayor Sam Sullivan.

Minister Taylor is the only Independent to ever win City Alderman (now called City Councillor) . She did this on her first attempt for Council and repeated it on her second run.

It should not go unnoticed that Ms Taylor's husband is former Vancouver Mayor Art Phillips and he too played a significant role in ending NPA rule. In this context, expect Ms Taylor to follow in her husband's footsteps.

So what becomes of the NPA if Ms Taylor runs?

Already, popular City Councillor, Peter Ladner, sensing that the NPA is in deep political trouble, is widely expected to ditch the NPA in favour of seeking the provincial seat of Vancouver-Langara which is currently held by Ms Taylor.

Mr. Ladner knows there are greener pastures on the other side of the water. If he does run for MLA, which many political observers expect, he would be in a strong position to seek the party leadership when Premier Gordon Campbell retires. Most likely, he would win that crown as well.

NPA Councillor Elizabeth Ball is a friend to Ms Taylor and Mr. Phillips. Mr Phillips endorsed the campaign of Ms Ball in the 2005 municipal election. This endorsement was a contributing factor to Ms Ball's win. Even though Ms Ball is currently with the NPA, she wouldn't want to be seen as running against Ms Taylor. Most likely she would be enticed to run as an Independent backed by the Taylor machine.

NPA Councillor Suzanne Anton who topped the polls in the 2005 election would also see the writing on the wall. She too, wants to become Mayor of Vancouver someday and she would see better opportunities if hitched to the Taylor team.

Make no mistake folks, the political landscape in Vancouver is about to change.

The Taylor Team is waiting in the wings. As is TEAM Ladner

Jamie Lee Hamilton