Saturday, December 15, 2007



Today in the Vancouver Sun, in section D8 written by Douglas Todd, Balwant Singh Gill, a prominent Sikh member and spokesperson for 39 Sikh temples states " I hate Homosexuality and it's Unnatural and they can't produce kids".

This comment from Mr Gill is truly offensive and must be rejected.

How would he or any Sikh for that matter like it if non-believers of Sikhism suddenly began stating publicly that they hated Sikhs?

The comments by Mr Balwant Gill must be repudiated and he must step-down from his post as spokesperson of Sikh temples. Moreover, I hope every Sikh temple that is associated with Mr. Balwant Singh Gill offer an apology to Vancouver's well respected GLBT community.

Further, I call on the Vancouver Police Department and RCMP to investigate Mr. Balwant Singh Gill for directing public hate toward the gay community. He can't be allowed to stand behind freedom of speech and religion rights, without any repercussions.

Freedom of speech is one thing but to incite hate toward a group which the comments of Balwant Singh Gill does, is highly inappropriate and offensive in our multi-cultural society.

I ask other groups of faith to stand in solidarity with the Gay Community on this issue.

I call on the queer community to denounce the reprehensible actions of Mr. Balwant Singh Gill.

A series of ongoing protests will be organized at the Ross Street temple to express our outrage over the hurtful, hateful and spiteful comments by their spokesperson.

This blog will keep you updated

Jamie Lee Hamilton