Friday, November 18, 2005



To My Friends, Fans, Supporters and Loved Ones

It has indeed been a pleasure running in this election. While I have been gravely concerned over Jim Green bringing his American style politics into Canada, I did what needed to be done to counter his bully like ways.

I am proud of my Campaign. I was not beholden to any special interests. It is only you the Citizen who I want watching over me, when I'm elected on Saturday, November 19. I pledge my Passion, Compassion and Integrity to you the Citizens of this great City!

I also ask you dear Friends to vote for a Mayor who I believe is trustworthy and honest. His name is Sam Sullivan!

Now its all up to you dear voter. I hope you vote wisely.

I was most fortunate to have so much support from ordinary Vancouver citizens and from every neighborhood in this City. Wherever I campaigned, I was greeted warmly and with compassion. From my Walk to Yours, Thank You!

I was supported by Aboriginal Leaders, Community Leaders, Former Politicians, Businessmen, Nurses, Professors, Media, Lawyers, Students, Seniors, Community Activists, Artists and the Poor. I am truly blessed to have won all your Endorsements, Support and Encouragement. Yesterday, I was happy to receive the support of two media outlets. They are the Georgia Straight and the Commentary. These are my Peers and it means so much to me!At the end of the day, Voters always make the correct choice and I now put my faith in your hands to make that all important decision on Saturday, November 19.

Its time to put HEART back into Vancouver and I'm ready to serve as your Queen (of Hearts)!

Thank You Vancouver!

Now My Endorsements

First off, I am providing this service as a media commentary and not as a Candidate. I believe these individuals are the Best of Vancouver and I salute them. I prefer a mixed Council and hope you Indulge me.

For Mayor -- Without Question SAM SULLIVAN

For Council:

Independents Bev Ballantyne, Kevin Potvin and Myself. We will bring a truly Non Partisan approach to the decision making at City Hall. We are not Party Candidates and will look after the Citizens best interests.

Even though I'm still unhappy with her that she never brought the 24 hour safehouse for Sex Workers to completion, I'm still voting for Ellen Woodsworth only because we can both lay claim to being Queer Divas. Colleen Hardwick Nystedt of the NPA is the Shape of Things to Come at City Hall. I'm happy to throw my support to her. Colleen is simply amazing. I'm also supporting Madame Elizabeth Ball of the NPA. She knows the Arts and I'm a big Fan of the Arts. I'm staying with Tim Louis because whether you like his politiccal leanings or not, he gets things done for Vancouver. Peter Ladner still has my support but he better toughen up! Suzanne Anton nearly lost my support but finally, it came down to an issue of Trust. She consulted often with me on prostitution issues. As a former Crown, she understands the current Law has put Sex Trade Workers in Harm's Way. Finally this Council needs someone from the Asian Community. I'm not sure who to go with so take your pick!

On Park Board COPE's Jenn McGinn, Mel Lehan and Spencer Herbert all get my seal of approval. NPA park commissioners I plan on voting for are: Sheryl Williamson Harms and Al DeGenova. The Green Candidates I support is Stuart McKinnon. And because I love silver foxes, Mr. Marty Zlotnick gets the Hamilton stamp of approval.

On School Board, NPA'rs Michelle Mollineaux, Eleanor Gregory, Ken Denike and Clarence Hansen. From COPE Al Blakey, Jane Bouey, Allan Wong and Kevin Millsip. Holding the balance of power on School board and I want her as the QUEEN maker is Andrea Reimer of the Green Party.

That's all she wrote folks.

Ensure Democracy Wins Tomorrow!

Jamie Lee