Tuesday, September 02, 2008


Oldtown News
Vancouver, BC


The rally held tonight to denounce the NPA's blatant discrimination in denying me my rights to enter political life was deeply moving and very inspirational.

The crowd assembled in the parking lot of Little Sisters as 60 of my friends and supporters came out to express and voice their disgust and displeasure of the NPA actions.

Thank You's to Community hero Jim Deva, Deputy leader of the Green party of Canada and candidate for Vancouver-Centre Adriane Carr, community activist Marc Schaper, NDP candidate for Vancouver-Centre and human rights defender Michael Byers, Park commissioner and West-End candidate Spencer Herbert, former NPA Councillor Alan Herbert, Sex worker advocate Sue Davis, David Wong, a dynamic strong Chinese leader, First founder and longtime feminist, Esther Shannon and Chief Sandra LaFramboise of Dancing to Eagle spirit for their motivating and stirring speeches.

I am deeply touched and grateful to these terrific gems in our community for their unwavering show of support. Ditto for Park commissioner Loretta Woodcock who could not be there but had her letter of support read out by Mr Deva. Special thanks to former NPA Commissioner and current park board candidate Christopher Richardson for attending and delivering a letter of support from NPA City Councillor Elizabeth Ball.

While exhausted I will continue this fight to have my voice heard. It is a battle I'm not going to walk away from.

I refuse to hang my head in shame for having worked as a sex trade worker and for being transsexual.

I'm a freedom fighter and will battle the NPA because this is a fight regarding transgender, sex trade worker, First nations and LGBT political rights.

My supporters and I will not be denied a place at the table and until we have marched through that NPA door which was slammed in our faces, we refuse to go away quietly.

My Queen of the Parks campaign I see as an influence for positive change. I am still welcomed by many in the NPA and moreover, I have received great support for change, in policies which I strongly believe in.

Please check out reporter Jeremy Hainsworth many pieces appearing across Canada, CBC the Straight and the Courier and Xtrawest.

Visit their websites www.straight.com www.vancourier.com and www.xtra.ca for great news of what is turning out to be as Charlie Smith of the Straight is calling, a watershed event in the evolution of transgender and sex worker rights.

Jamie Lee Hamilton