Friday, October 24, 2008


Oldtown News
Vancouver, BC

October 23, 2008



The Jamie Lee Hamilton for Vancouver Park Board is happy to announce that a number of prominent female leaders have endorsed her Queen of the Parks campaign.

Adriane Carr, the deputy leader of the Green Party of Canada, Colleen Nystedt, the President and CEO of Movie Set Inc and City Councillor Elizabeth Ball have thrown their support to Ms Hamilton and issued the following statements:

Three years have passed since the last civic election, when I first met Jamie Lee Hamilton. Since our first fateful meeting, I have come to appreciate Jamie Lee as one of the most passionately committed individuals I have ever met. Her love of this City, and persistent representation of the disenfranchised is beyond reproach. Vancouver will benefit from electing Ms. Hamilton to the Parks Board. She will most certainly work hard on our collective behalf.

Colleen Nystedt
President & CEO
MovieSet Inc.
1916 West Broadway, Suite 200
Vancouver, BC V6J 1Z2
(604) 732-7677

Jamie Lee Hamilton has been a leading voice for the voiceless in our community for many years. These days the work of a Parks Board Commissioner touches on many facets of life in our City and on urgent issues such as homelessness, addiction and prostitution which are manifest in our parks and green spaces. Ms. Hamilton would be a strong and compassionate spokesperson for everyone touched by those issues, and an able representative for her own neighbourhood, the park-deprived North East area of Vancouver. I am pleased to personally endorse Jamie Lee Hamilton’s independent candidacy for Vancouver Parks Board Commissioner.

Adriane Carr

Jamie Lee Hamilton knows that parks programs can help all youth improve their lives. Jamie Lee is a determined advocate for youth in the inner city. Ms Hamilton works hard to improve the lives of all those who live in the DTES. She believes the Park board can bring positive change in the neighborhood. Her past record as an advocate would bring exciting new ideas to the table. I'm proud to endorse her campaign

Councillor Elizabeth Ball
City of Vancouver

" I am absolutely overjoyed that these terrific women leaders have endorsed my campaign. Their faith and support of my ideas and campaign mean so much to me. I thank them for their belief in me", states Jamie Lee Hamilton.

The above mentioned female leaders add their support to other prominent leaders such as former Mayor Philip Owen, Little Sisters co-owner and Community hero Jim Deva, prominent Vancouver businessman Mark James, all who previously announced their support.

For a full listing of Ms Hamilton's supporters please visit her website at