Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Oldtown News
Vancouver, BC

Are Larry Campbell and Jim Green Wearing Pink Today?

Today is the day to wear pink. Locally, former star politician, now popular radio host, Christy Clark, initiated the think Pink campaign. Wearing pink is a symbolic gesture which sends a clear message that we must put an end to bullying and intolerance.

If only it was so easy as wearing pink, however, gestures of this kind are vitally important because it raises awareness that we have lots yet to do, especially for the the victims of bullying, of which many are no longer with us.

Today, I think of victims like Matthew Shepard and Brandon Teeena who had their lives wiped out as a result of bullying.

Locally, I think of Lee Matasi, who stood up to bullies and was gunned down for dare speaking his mind that having guns was not cool. And I'll never forget Aaron Webster who graced our community. His killing reminds us of how much more work we need to do in this area.

I'm proud of my city for showcasing the pink flag at City Hall. Turning City Hall Pink is a testament that we can do so much more.

I'm proud that across this City, in every classroom, there is a sea of pink as students are leading the way in their clear message for hope and peace.

So today, even though pink isn't my favourite colour, I am wearing some. I chose pink lipstick and I encourage other women and yes even men to wear it.

And as bullies are on our minds today, I'm hopeful that former Mayor Larry Campbell and Councillor, Jim Green are wearing pink.

Spread the message folks that bullying is not cool and please take a moment to spread the message of love, peace and tolerance.

Jamie Lee Hamilton