Thursday, February 22, 2007



OK so reporter, Mr. Matt Burrows, might be a nice guy for all I know but after reading the online version of the Straight today, I was reminded of how easily the media can be duped.

Mr. Burrows in his zealousness to portray the band of thugs--APC--in favorable light, claims among other things, how they are fighting to save social-housing. Since this wasn't a direct quote from the APC organizer involved in the story, it by default becomes attributed to Mr Burrows.

As an enlightened reporter I couldn't believe my eyes as he allows the use of crumbling SRO's to be associated as social housing.

Mmmm perhaps I need enlightening Mr. Burrows but when did Ghetto housing (SRO's) become known as social housing?

Hmmm I guess the Straight just doesn't get it. Too bad as I thought the paper was a good alternative voice. But it appears that they too are jumping on the SRO band-wagon.

That bandwagon, of course, being the preservation of SRO's in the Downtown Eastside.

Clearly, those who desire to maintain SRO's really are ensuring perpetual soapboxes and benefit for themselves and their insider friends.

As long as there are SRO's in the DTES, misguided activists can repeatedly call for more social housing to be built in the DTES. This of course ensures ALL social housing remains in the DTES.

And as I see it from my soapbox, all this does is ensure third world like conditions for my neighbors and neighborhood. Of course, the poverty industry jobs that are created and maintained will provide financial reward to the bottom feeders in society who reap benefit off the backs of the impoverished, marginalized, weak, vulnerable, affirm and poor.

And now it appears the Straight is jumping on the bandwagon of those masquerading as helpers to the downtrodden and poor.

Wonderful society we live in, isn't it folks?

Jamie Lee Hamilton