Sunday, October 09, 2005


Underbelly News
Downtown Eastside


On Saturday October 8, 2005, I attended the 26th annual Mr and Ms Gay Vancouver Pageant held at the Holiday Inn. As a former Ms Gay Vancouver, it was thrilling to participate in an event which provides merriment, excitement, fabulous entertainment and loads of fun. The Pageant was started in 1980 by an Incredible Entertainer and Empress of Vancouver, the beloved DeDe Drew.

It was wondrous seeing so many old friends. These pageants allow us the opportunity to reminisce about many of our departed Sisters and Brothers (former Gay Vancouvers) who have gone on to fulfill their heavenly duties. These Angels are sorely missed but their contributions to enriching the lives of so many, will be forever etched in our minds, hearts, souls and City.

Many awards were presented during the evening. I was particularly delighted when Velvet Steel, a truly breathtaking Goddess and anti violence activist, was awarded the Humanitarian of the Year Award. This award was created by myself during my reign, in remembrance of Dame Rhita Rhinestone and her life partner, Paul Landreault, who served as Executives for many years of our wonderful organization. Congratulations once again VELVET STEEL.

The reigning Ms Gay Vancouver MISS VICKIE and her Mr Gay Vancouver, BARRY ROMANOV shone throughout the night. Thank You Vickie and Barry for giving up a year of your lives in order to provide charitable deeds within our City. A special note of gratitude must also go to the President, Mr Reg Manning who ensured the Pageant's Success. REG you truly are a GEM in this City.

To the wonderful Entertainers Extraodinaires, Thank You for all you do. Keep Shining Gurls!! To former Gay Vancouvers in attendance, Imelda Mae and Mr Randy Pierce (Ms and Mr Gay Vancouver V111, Stephanie Blaze (celebrating 20 years of showstopping entertainment), Jamie Lee Hamilton (celebrating her 15 year anniversary as Ms Gay Vancouver), Ruby Stone (celebrating one year since her completed reign), the unforgettable Milan, the dazzling Mz Adrien, Glenn (Mr Gay Vancouver celebrating 10 years), the Aztec Goddess, Michelle Dorial (celebrating 5 years since stepping down as Ms Gay Vancouver), we are indebted to you all. Alas what else is there to say but a profound THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!

To the MC's Mr Barry Nichol and Oliv X, Thank You for keeping the evening running smoothly. Well at least to Barry anyway. Oliv, you do make me laugh!

JANINE FULLER of Little Sisters, it was great seeing you out and escorting our lovely and talented Empress, VIVIANNE VON. Thank You for your kind words and the embracing hug!

Long live the Gay Vancouver Dynasty!

Jamie Lee Hamilton