Saturday, October 11, 2014

Deceit Has no Place in Politics

October 11, 2014 OK this really irks me. A COPE candidate for Park Board has dumped their last name and is using middle name as surname on the ballot to be higher placed on the ballot. Candidates are listed alphabetically. His middle name begins with a B whereas his last name begins with an F. I ask Anita Romaniuk because you are a running mate of this individual and Chair of the COPE Parks committee whether you support this type of deceitful action? I think this move besides being deceitful lacks integrity and I wish people would speak up against this. What about you Tim Louis as the Co-Chair of COPE are you willing to address this matter? Many people say that those with chinese surnames have an advantage running municipally because of the high chinese population in Vancouver. If I lacked integrity I guess that I could have dropped my surname using my middle name Lee in order to appear chinese on the ballot thereby giving me an advantage but that would be very deceitful. I think if we play this type of politcs we just give the voting public another reason to dislike politicians and for the public to rightfully claim that we are all liars, cheats and corrupt. Will be interesting to see if COPE supports this move by one of their candidates. Jamie Lee Hamilton