Monday, October 22, 2007


Oldtown News
Vancouver, BC


Well it appears Councillor Tim Stevenson has finally found his political balls again. Kudo's to him

Late last week, a number of tenants residing in a rental building in the East End were forced to vacate as a result of water pouring through the damaged roof. Many of these tenants have children and the possibility of being electrocuted was significant.

David Carrigg, in the Sunday edition of the Province wrote an excellent investigative piece on the Sahota family who own a number of SRO's in the Oldtown area and rental buildings in the East End. Many of these buildings are unsafe and not up to livable standards.

The Sahota family have been called slumlords by Councillor Stevenson and he is demanding an audit of all the buildings owned by this one family.

Much more needs to be done though regarding unsafe living accommodations and why Councillor Stevenson would only single out this one family is unclear. But there are others out there including a number of non-profits who would easily fit into the category of slumlords.

Councillor Stevenson needs to have the city look at other operators who are under operational reviews or need to be.

This is a great opportunity for Council and the Mayor to work across partisan lines. Requesting staff to compile a complete listing of buildings where complaints have been made to the City or Province regarding ongoing deplorable living conditions is long overdue.

No stone should be left unturned for any reason whatsoever and non-profits in Oldtown which receive funding from the City should also be included in a sweeping audit.

I'd hate to see non-profit operations overlooked simply because of political reasons. Wouldn't you as well Councillor Stevenson?

Jamie Lee Hamilton