Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Action Needed on Cactus Club English Bay

November 5, 2014 PRESS RELEASE Park board watchdog and 2014 Park Board candidate Jamie Lee Hamilton is demanding action on why the Cactus Club refuses to put the affordable fish n chips on their take-out window which was a condition of their approved restaurant use on public waterfront land. . Jamie Lee Hamilton charges "Cactus Club English Bay by refusing to comply with the Park Board directive to have the affordable fish n chips item at their beachfront concession are displaying a reckless disregard for Park board governance and this is unacceptable behaviour of a private leaseholder" Ms Hamilton six months ago brought this matter to the attention of Park Board General Manager Malcolm Bromley who said he would bring this matter to the attention to Cactus Club. Following up with Park board watchdog Ms Hamilton a month later GM Bromley said that Cactus Club felt if they had fish n chips on the take-out window that this would affect the nearby Raincity Grill which has a take-out window for fish n chips. Ms Hamilton claims, " unfortunately Raincity is now closed and along with their closing so goes the affordable fish n chips take-out wiindow. It seems to me if Park Board is going to lease out public land to private operators they have a duty to ensure there is a public benefit . The benefit to citizens of course in regard to the Cactus Club at English Bay would be the take-out window serving the affordable fish n chips and this has not materialized. Many speakers at Park Board raised concerns regarding the application from Cactus Club voicing that affordable fish n chips must be offered at the concession window and Park board agreed to this". Ms Hamilton is calling once again on the General Manager of Park Board to ensure that the contractual obligations of Cactus Club English Bay are met. -30- For further information contact Jamie Lee Hamilton at (604) 446-2489