Wednesday, July 21, 2004


Underbelly of Vancouver
Downtown Eastside


Hi All,

I am enclosing emails between the Director of Carnegie Centre and myself. During the recent federal election and shortly afterward, the Publications committee of 2 at Carnegie namely Paul R Taylor and retired Sun columnist Bob Sarti also writing under the name Roger O'Malley attacked me  on Gender grounds over my support of Shirley Chan. Here are the following emails. Enjoy!!!


Jamie Lee



July 17th, 2004

Mr Clague
Carnegie Centre

As you mention in your previous email, you forwarded to the Carnegie publications committee for response to my email. You said I would receive a reply in the near future re: Carnegie staff and their transphobia.
And indeed I did receive a reply Mr Clague. In the July 15th, newsletter of Carnegie, I was again referred to as a 'Man' by your publications committee.
And you Mr Clague are obviously unable to properly oversee a program in the Downtown Eastside. What a joke Carnegie has become. At least I can now share to my friends and supporters how phobic and intolerant  Carnegie Centre is. A community centre of bigots and whackos seems to be the soup du jour of Carnegie.
You as a professional Mr Clague  are sorely lacking. Its really too bad that you and your bigots have been given free reign by the City to smear others.
What a sad day for the Downtown Eastside.
I will obviously not waste any more of my time on this.

Jamie Lee Hamilton

--- "Clague, Michael" <> wrote:> July 7, 2004> > Dear Ms. Hamilton:> > This is to acknowledge receipt of your email> regarding the federal election> edition of the Carnegie Newsletter.> > The Newsletter has a publications committee and I am> forwarding your letter> to them for attention and response.> > You may anticipate a reply in the near future.> > Sincerely,> > > Michael Clague> Director> > -----Original Message----->

From: tricia foxx [] > Sent: Wednesday, June 30, 2004 7:51 PM> To:> Cc: Ellen Woodsworth; sam sullivan; Tim Louis; Tim> Stevenson; peter ladner;> Mayor and council> Subject: From Jamie Lee Hamilton> > >

June 30, 2004> > >
Michael Clague>
Carnegie Community Centre> >

 Mr Clague, I am writing you in response to 2> articles> written about me in the Carnegie newsletter. In the > Extra version of the Carnegie newsletter put out for> the federal election, your editor Mr Paul Taylor, if> he disagrees with something, feels it necessary to> misrepresent facts and then sling personal mud. It> is> really troubling when this happens.> > I know you are probably going to say that the> Director> of Carnegie has no control over the Carnegie> newsletter yet I disagree. The Carnegie newsletter I> believe operates under the mandate of the> Association> which is governed by policy of City Council.> Therefore> I am demanding a retraction of the following:> > 1) In the rant written by Mr Taylor in the Extra> section of the Carnegie newsletter, he refers to me> as> the 'frontman' for Shirley Chan. I object to this> and> find this comment transphobic. Moreover, this> comment> is disgusting since it appears in the newsletter of> a> Community Centre which claims itself as  being> tolerant. Further I wish to draw your attention to a> piece written in the same edition, by Mr Roger> O'Malley who in his rant attacks me by referring to> me> as a lieutenant to Ms Shirley Chan. Let me say Mr> Clague as an aboriginal person I find Mr O'Malley's> choice of words in describing me as a racist affront> to my heritage and culture. > > I am hereby demanding a full retraction and apology> from Carnegie Centre. Failure to comply will result> in> a complaint to your funding bodies and the City of> Vancouver.> >


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