Friday, September 19, 2008


Oldtown News
Vancouver, BC


I had a great time last night judging the Mr Gay Canada contest. The contestants are exceptional young men, smart, witty and articulate. They all displayed terrific personalities and I was truly honoured being asked by the co-owners of the Mr Gay Canada pageant, Dean Nelson and Terry Costa to judge the men.

Other amazing judges included the very handsome reporter, Sean Horlor, from XtraWest and the Diva songstress, the fabulous Kim Kuzma, who performed at the end of the night with the handsome contestants.

James Coburn, the outgoing Mr Gay Canada, has dedicated his year to speaking out on anorexia of which he has recovered. Thanks James for dedicating this year and speaking out on this very important issue affecting many gay men.

Emcee for the event was Berend McKenzie who is a darling and kept the night running smoothly. The musical group, Armstrong Jr performed and did a couple of upbeat hot numbers.

The evening also paid tribute to the history of gay titles with this blogwriter presenting a keynote address. Another truly memorable aspect to the evening was a tribute to Mr Gay Canada 1, Mr Dean Ryane by his lover, Martin Rooney. Dean captured the title 20 years ago and the evening was a fitting tribute to someone who accomplished so much for gay Vancouver. He is sorely missed.

The Mr Gay Canada continues in Whistler tonight and unfortunately I can't be there but I'm certain whoever wins the title will be a terrific ambassador for the GLBT community in Canada and Internationally.

Once again thank you to Dean Nelson and Terry Costa for bringing back to life, this time-honoured tradition of Mr Gay Canada. Although I hope in future years you reconsider your position of denying candidates who might have been involved in the adult industry.

My top pic for the night was Darren who I scored an impressive 81. He is an engineer and absolutely adorable plus very handsome. Other candidates also scored high.

Mr Gay Canada website is

To the contestants you are all winners!

Jamie Lee Hamilton