Thursday, May 31, 2012

Mr Luka Magnotta Needs Help

Oldtown News Vancouver, BC MR LUKA MAGNOTTA NEEDS HELP Again what seems to be a disturbed young man killing someone is now playing out nationally and internationally. Luka Magnotta it has been stated was a gay porn actor and model. It seems that this young man fell through the cracks and his mental health issues were not properly treated and this is worrisome. I feel kinda sorry for him in a way because his lifestyle was probably such that he was caught up in a world of bizarre sexuality, drugs and mental health which left untreated is a lethal and deadly mix. Perhaps this young man had been sexually abused in his youth and feels that life is one messed up mess. I just hope that this does not end in a shootout. Already such tragedies are playing out in our daily news. It is obvious Mr Magnotta needs to be treated humanely rather than treated like some degenerate. I just hope and pray that Mr Magnotta does not die in a hail of bullets. Perhaps he may come to his senses and turn himself in. Perhaps he can somehow reach out to family or friends that he trusts. While it would be easy to say this troubled young man deserves whatever it is that happens to him I'm not ready to also echo this. Jamie Lee Hamilton