Monday, June 04, 2012

Magnotta Story with BDSM

Oldtown News Vancouver, BC I still find this story about Luka Magnatto so sad and deeply troubling. He apparently was treated for psychiatric issues previously. Not sure what his past was like but I suspect very difficult. In the gay world though young men like Mr Magnotta are often targeted, exploited and used. Apparently he was into BDSM activities and this is scary. I have always believed that some people into this type of activity have a distorted reality and I've heard horror stories from those who got out of this lifestyle which isn't always safe, sane and consensual. I have empathy for the victim and the accused who both had what appeared to be darker sides to them. But I also have to say that we live in such an evil society where people have become desensitized to some awful things happening out there. Many people watched the snuff video allegedly made by Mr Magnotta and that to me is even scarier. These people who watched such a video have issues of their own. Really troubling if you ask me. Jamie Lee Hamilton